Get an overview of the solutions offered by Quantum

Get an overview of the solutions offered by Quantum. Access a platform that connects you to solutions with a large database of constantly updated financial information. We have comprehensive tools for users who need access to in-depth analysis, as well as flexible options based on their demand.

We offer you the best option for your financial analysis objectives by understanding what you really need.

Our solutions rely on a team of specialists in charge of processing information, in addition to bundling and delivering the best options for your analyses. We also have a specialized support team available for questioning and training.

Untapped the potential of having financial market data in a constantly updated database at your fingertips – using full cloud and customizable tools.

How our platform works:


We seek data from the main official sources available in the market


Information is handled by our team of specialists


The databases are continuously updated and stored in the cloud


Our solutions comprise a combination of information and tools


The tools can be accessed through web browsers, mobile devices, data and API services, data links and email scheduling

Quantum Axis

Analyze the financial market with a comprehensive set of tools and a qualified database

A full platform offering analytical tools in interactive formats with a large asset database that can be accessed online.

Quantum Portfólio

Compare investment portfolios

This platform allows users to create, manage and analyze investment portfolios comprising funds, stocks, private pension plans, fixed income instruments, indexes, currencies, derivatives, and customized assets.

Quantum Prev

Analyze the private pension plan market

This solution enables users to compare private pension plans, and allows a thorough analysis of what has been offers in the market, a simulation of projected investments and a comparison of prices per investment.

Quantum Essencial

Monitor assets in an easy way

This solution allows users to monitor financial assets quickly and conveniently through individual and comparable sheets. Also, check asset portfolios, documents and charts.

Data Feeder

Harness the power of our databases in your hands

This solution offers information from our databases through API

White Label

Integrate our system into your platform

This solution offers the information and tools you need to integrate into your website or platform

Comparador de ativos

Compare assets and run backtests

This free tool allows users to compare all kinds of financial assets.

Conheça o comparador

These tools are designed only for professionals working in the financial market

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