Learn about the solutions Quantum can offer you

Flexible, reliable and easy-to-use platform

Quantum offer you a flexible, reliable and user friend platform.

Get access to a system that connects you to customized solutions with accurate and constantly updated financial information. We have robust tools for those who need access to deep analysis and flexible options according to their demand.

Exclusive Atom Expertise System (AES)Technology

We offer you the best option for your financial analysis goals by understanding your real need. Best of all, all with the unique Atom Expertise System (AES) technology that uses artificial intelligence to make the sophisticated combinations among different financial databases.

Count on us to have all sorts of analyses that will help you meet the numerous challenges of the financial market. We are ready to deliver not only technology, but a complete experience. We are a reference in our market.

Team of experts at your disposal

Our solutions rely on a team of experts who combine their know-how with the unique Atom Expertise System (AES) technology to deliver accurate and robust information.

We also have a support team that is available for questions and training, ensuring a personalized and complete experience when using the platform.

Take advantage of the potential to have in your hands the information of the financial market with constantly updated databases, customizable tools, user friendly and full cloud solution.

Understand how our platform works:


We search for data from the main official sources of the market


The information is handled by our team of experts


The bases are constantly updated and stored in the cloud


Combined information and tools are our solutions


The tools can be accessed through web browsers, mobile devices and data services like API, excel links and email.

Quantum Solutions

Through the Quantum platform we offer all the solutions below, see which one can best meet your need:

Quantum Axis

Quantum’s most complete solution, if you need robust information and complex analysis, this is the best choice for you.

Quantum Prev

Solution focused on the private retirement market, offering specific tools to backtest, compare and simulated investments in this type of investment.

Quantum Portfolio

Unique solution for creating, managing and analyzing investment portfolios, have all your investment portfolios in one place.

Quantum Invest

Solution focused on the basic financial assets monitoring in a fast and practical way.

Data Feeder

Solution that provides the information of our bases through API.

White Label

Solution that provides the information and tools to integrate into your website or platform.

Asset comparator

Free tool for financial market professionals that allows one to compare assets.

These tools are exclusive for professionals working in the financial marketing

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