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for financial market professionals

Learn how our unique Atom Expert System technology generates information that no one else has

We specialize in developing solutions to access, analyze, compare, monitor, manage and present financial information easily, consistently and efficiently. Our unique Atom Expert System (AES) technology uses artificial intelligence to cross-reference different financial databases, generating robust, accurate and up-to-date information.

Understand how this technology, a benchmark in the market, can help you overcome challenges. Information is power and we are here to offer the most complete solution on the market!

More than a platform,
a team of experts at your disposal

Get access to a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use platform for access, analysis, and manage sophisticated financial information. Count on your workflow, with the best platform for financial data management, able to meet even the most robust and demanding tasks.

Rely on the know-how of a team of experts who treat and process data through their unique Atom Expert System (AES) technology to provide you with robust and accurate information creating a better user experience.

Beyond that, the platform is full cloudy, accessible through web browser, mobile devices, API, and data link.

Want to know more about how our solutions can adapt to your reality? See our page below and understand how we can help you.

Quantum Axis

Our full solution that offers analysis tools in interactive formats with wide database.

Quantum Portfolio

A solution aimed to the creation, management and analysis of investment portfolios composed of funds, equities, retirement plans, among other assets.

Quantum Prev

Compare retirement plans with extensive analysis of all plans in the market.

Integration solutions

Get to know our integration solutions, ideal for those who need to use our systems or databases in their own interface.


We are able to serve a large varied of market segments. See who our main customers are and understand how we can offer differentiated solutions for your segment.

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Private Retirement Plans

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Estate and Municipal Pension Plan (RPPS)

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