Quantum Axis: Quantum's most complete solution

Find all the relevant information about our Quantum Axis solution and understand why it is the most complete option we can offer you!

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to build robust analytics through an easy-to-use, qualified database platform, Quantum Axis is the right choice.

Quantum Axis: keep in your hands all the know-how of our experts

You can work with the system using presentation templates, reports, charts, data series, analytical panels and our Excel library that will generate the necessary content for your analysis.

Through our platform you can also monitor what is happening in the markets and get informed with our daily, weekly and monthly reports.

That is, in a single platform you can be informed and prepared to formulate the most robust analyses of the market in an interactive, practical and efficient way.

Quantum Axis: the world is connected, so are we!

All forms of access to the tools of the platform are done online. You can enter the system through mobile devices, web browser, API and data link.

Quantum Axis: how can I use?

Use our platform to:

Analyze the type of investment available in the LATAM market combined with many others from the main international markets;

Monitor the markets to receiving periodic information;

Have access to a large database with detailed and hard to find financial information;

Create portfolios, backtest and monitor performance, risk and liquidity.

Quantum Axis: differentials that only our platform has

Quantum has to you, a specialized support team, that will meet your doubts, provide training and support your team, giving total freedom to use our tools and databases.

Exclusive Atom Expert System (AES) technology that uses artificial intelligence to make sophisticated intersections among different financial databases, generating robust, accurate and constantly updated information.

With our differentials you will be able to obtain sophisticated solutions to meet the financial market. We are ready to help you meet the expectations of your most demanding customers. Count on us!

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