Quantum Prev: perfect solution for the private retirement market

See all the relevant information about our Quantum Prev solution and understand why it is the best option for you working in the market of private retirement plans!

If you’re looking for a solution that allows you to compare retirement plans and other investments on an easy-to-use, qualified database platform, Quantum Prev is the right option.

Quantum Prev: the best option to compare retirement plans

Quantum Prev is  our solution focused on pension plans, with it you can compare the offers available in the market, simulate projected investments and compare values by application.

With the Quantum Prev you can make comparisons and generate PGBL/VGBL presentations with detailed information about plans characteristics and performance.

Além da construção de suas lâminas com as informações referentes aos planos de previdência, você também conta com a exclusiva ferramenta Planos x Fundos, onde é possível consultar o relacionamento entre planos e fundos de investimento.

Quantum Prev: easy to use and access

The entire form of access to the solution is done online. You can log into the system through mobile devices or web browser.

Quantum Prev: how can I use?

Use our solution to:

Prospect and retain customers;

Generate slides and comparisons of plans (PGBL/VGBL);

Consult the relationship between plans and funds;

Receive periodic information about the open pension market.

Quantum Prev: differentials that only our solution has

Quantum has to you, a specialized support team, that will meet your doubts, provide training and support your team, giving total freedom to use our tools and databases.

Exclusive Atom Expert System (AES) technology that uses artificial intelligence to make sophisticated intersections among different financial databases, generating robust, accurate and constantly updated information.

Through our differentials you will be able to obtain sophisticated solutions to track, analyze and compare your pension plans. Count on us!

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