Quantum Invest: ideal solution for those who need to compare assets in a practical way

Check out the information about our Quantum Invest solution and understand why it may be the most assertive option for you!

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to analyze financial assets through individual and comparative slides with qualified database, Quantum is the right choice.

Quantum Invest: easy asset tracking

Quantum Invest is our solution focused on analyzing financial assets through individual or comparative slides that can be composed of:

Corporate bonds



Fixed income bonds

Government bonds



Fixed rate CDs


International assets



You can work with the system through presentation templates, showing one or several assets and build easy comparisons between them.

Quantum Invest: easy to use and access

The entire form of access to the solution is done online. You can log into the system through mobile devices or web browser.

Quantum Invest: how can I use it?

Use our solution to:

Create presentation templates for single or multiple assets;

Analyze and compare investment options;

Receive daily, weekly and monthly information about the financial market;

Schedule the receipt of your reports automatically.

Quantum Invest: differentials that only our solution has

Quantum has to you, a specialized support team, that will meet your doubts, provide training and support your team, giving total freedom to use our tools and databases.

Exclusive Atom Expert System (AES) technology that uses artificial intelligence to make sophisticated intersections among different financial databases, generating robust, accurate and constantly updated information.

With our differentials you will be able to obtain sophisticated solutions to meet the financial market. We are ready to help you meet the expectations of your most demanding customers. Count on us!