Integration solutions: learn about our data integration solutions

Quantum Data Feeder: ideal solution to use our databases

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to use our bases through API, this is the right solution.

With the Data Feeder  it is possible to have all the power of our bases for the analyses you need through API.

Quantum White Label: ideal solution to use our system

With White Label you will be able to use our entire system including information and tools on your website or platform.

With this solution you have the full potential of Quantum solutions in the way that best fits your needs.

Quantum Integration Solutions: What are the requirements?

Our integration solutions are extremely customizable, so to understand what are the requirements that your company must comply in order to have access to these solutions please contact Quantum.

Therefore, we can develop the best integration solution that is unique to you!

Quantum integration solutions: easy to use and access

All forms of access to the solution and integrations occur online. You can enter the system through mobile devices, web browser, API and data link.

Quantum integration solutions: differentials that only our solution has

Quantum has to you, a specialized support team, that will meet your doubts, provide training and support your team, giving total freedom to use our tools and databases.

Exclusive Atom Expert System (AES) technology that uses artificial intelligence to make sophisticated intersections among different financial databases, generating robust, accurate and constantly updated information.

With our differentials you will be able to obtain sophisticated solutions to meet the financial market. We are ready to help you meet the expectations of your most demanding customers. Count on us!

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