Quantum Indexes

Quantum Indexes


Quantum platforms allows you to track more than 600 indexes in a practical and detailed way. In addition to having access to the exclusive Quantum indexes, created to better map the investment alternatives of the Brazilian market.

Indexes: What can I keep track of?

Through the Quantum platform it is possible to have access to the following information:

Index history analysis

Monitoring the evolution of index constituents

All main world indexes

Maximum, minimum, opening value, trading volume of major indexes

Export to Excel

Quantum Spot: stay up to date

Another option offered on the Quantum platform is the Quantum Spot, where you can track intraday all indexes traded at the B3.

This is what you can check out online:

Stock quotes

Performance of all B3 stock indexes

Traded volume and number of share trades

Forward and options contract

Higher highs, lows, financial volumes and number of ibovespa trades

Futures market: Ibovespa, dollar and DI

Quantum Spot: how can I use it?

Use our solution to:

Calculate market value and market multiples in real time

Build investment strategies and structured deals with options

Create alerts from quotes or financial volume

Monitor different assets at the same time

Quantum Index: built especially for you

For greater clarity of investment alternatives, we have created some investment indexes for the Brazilian market.

Quantum Index are released daily and have a long historical series.

Quantum Prefixed,

Quantum Exchange Rate,

IQTs (fund indexes),

Broadcast Quantum Private Credit Index (ICPBQ).